Arts organizations are often eager to collect audience data, but are thwarted by the expense and experience required. Intrinsic Impact solves this by facilitating every step of the data collection process — from survey design to data analysis.

Using a suite of low-cost, easy-to-use, industry-tested research tools, Intrinsic Impact empowers arts organizations of all sizes to make decisions informed by reliable data and to engage their audiences in a meaningful dialogue about their experiences .


Intrinsic Impact is used by leading arts organizations around the globe, including the San Francisco Ballet, the University Musical Society, and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

These leaders in the field know the value of impact assessment and have used Intrinsic Impact to:

  • inform data-driven decision making
  • report to internal and external stakeholders
  • reflect on artistic goals and outcomes
  • evaluate audience education programs
  • track satisfaction levels
  • profile audiences and donors
  • understand motivations for attendance and ticket purchases
  • identify media sources audience members watch and read
  • and much more

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With Intrinsic Impact, you'll collect high-quality audience feedback fused with a customizable, easy-to-use online dashboard that places audience research and analysis directly in your hands.

And setup is fast. Go from initial contact to your first survey deployment in a matter of weeks. And if your survey is conducted online, responses are loaded into your dashboard as they come in, so you can see results immediately.

Just log into your dashboard each morning to see what audiences said about last night's program.


The Intrinsic Impact dashboard offers you utmost flexibility for organizing and displaying your survey results. See the data that means the most to you. Have the right charts always at your fingertips.

And unlike other online survey services, Intrinsic Impact allows you to compare and analyze data across multiple surveys, whether similar or dissimilar. Imagine viewing aggregated audience data and feedback across all your programs over many years. Or share your results with a consortium of cultural organizations as part of a larger study.

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Intrinsic Impact users enjoy superior functionality and customization. The dashboard's dual-filtering capability allows you to drill down through survey data with extraordinary precision. Responses to open-ended questions are also filterable, dynamically searchable, and displayable in visually impactful word clouds.

As survey responses accumulate, your dashboard will become your go-to resource for audience information, empowering you to make sound, evidence-based decisions to guide and potentially transform your organization. For added historical context, we can even backload data from surveys you've already completed, allowing you to compare and analyze survey results across years in one elegant, easy-to-use dashboard.


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Backed by years of groundbreaking, rigorous research, our industry-tested survey questions and online tools were designed from the ground up, specifically with arts organizations like yours in mind. Now the power to conduct high-quality audience impact assessments is finally in your hands, at a fraction of the cost of comparable commissioned studies.

And you won't be alone either. With Intrinsic Impact, you'll enjoy world-class expertise and service from the very researchers who developed the field — the team at WolfBrown, a leading provider of market research and evaluation services to cultural organizations worldwide.

Let our staff take care of all the backend work so you can focus on what matters to you.


High-quality audience data is valuable across departments. And now this knowledge is within reach for even the smallest arts organization.

Tiered pricing for Intrinsic Impact has been structured to be affordable for all organizational budget sizes. By special agreement, Tessitura Software users enjoy a 15% discount off published prices.

For more information, please contact Sean at sean@wolfbrown.com or 415-796-3060.


Definitely! Try out this sample, interactive dashboard and then contact us to get started on a personalized dashboard for your arts organization.

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